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Even and accurate application of fertilizer is essential to produce a good quality, uniform crop. It is also important to help ensure that all plants get a fair share and that some areas don’t miss out while others get a double dose. From an environmental view point, it ensures more of the fertilizer is utilised by the plants and less accumulates, unused, to be leached into surface run off, to contaminate ground water or volatilize as greenhouse gasses.
Using quality Stream Bars for application of liquid fertilizers, such as UAN, will ensure that the whole plant stand receives an even and accurate application leading to optimum yields, without the leaf burn normally associated with liquid nitrogen application

Streambars - a One-Piece Solution

Benefits for application
  • Utilize current sprayer – fits most sprayers, saves on machinery costs
  • Crop height – use them during most of the growing season
  • Boom Height – vertical streams of fertilizer with no overlap, fertilizer application is unaffected
  • Uneven ground - application is evened out
  • Windy conditions - can apply in most weather conditions
  • Rate of application - wide range of application rates
  • Crop burn - scorch reduced significantly
  • Fertilizer placement - very accurate and uniform

New Chafer StreamBar MR Benefits

  • Easier to install and replace
  • Simpler and more compact
  • Easy to fit on most sprayers without an adapter
  • Improved operational use
  • Reduced distance between the spray line and the Streambars, reduces boom twisting and breakages
  • Available with nozzle spacing's of either 15 or 20 inch spacing.

Streambar MR (5 pack)

Streambar MR (5 pack)

New Streambar MR provides a highly accurate method of applying liquid fertiliser.

nozzle spacing:

Streambar Details